awkward greeting.
stare at you for a few seconds.
enthralled by your presence.
snapping out of it.
trying to light the cigarette that you offered.
instinctively prying myself out of the driver seat.
letting you drive.

getting lost.



You cant force me to talk about stuff that Im uncomfortable about.
You cant ask me to do some random errands for your girlfriend.
You cant ask me to do things for you.
You have no right to demand something from me.

Im just tired.
Tired of the sleepless nights.
Tired of listening to you singing every tune there is.
Tired of talking to you every night.
Tired of being the substitute.
Tired of being the second best.

I just want someone to prioritize me.


I dream of you. I think about me. I ponder about life.

I am constantly stuck in this limbo. This uncertainty is slowly killing the life out of me.
Live the life that you’ve imagined. It is easy to say but so damn hard to do.
I have this vision. A dream that could reassure me that I am me.
That I am where I want me to be.
A reverie that I am yet to achieve.

It doesn’t mean that I dont want to. Right now I just cant but I am on my way.

How can I ever live in this world unscathed?


I dont get why I decided to put myself in this uncompromising position. I dont know where I stand. I dont have a place when it comes to you or do I? The sign says “We are already fully booked, please come back again.” I should’ve held a sign that says ” Please do not leave your valuables unattended.” I like her, your girlfriend. I hate that I hate her because she is your girlfriend. Im not making any sense. You do these simple things that no one has ever done to me before. Either they get tired of me or they run. You stayed. For now. Countless times, you gave me the reason to run but for some strange reason I chose to linger. I get so caught up with everything. Im caught up with everything and you dont even know. Well. Fuck.