Better late than never

– Watch Coldplay LIVE
– Go to various music festivities! (e.g. Coachella, Tomorrowland, Glastonbury, T in the park, Laneway and etc.)
– Put up my own skate shop
– Inspire someone with my art
– Visit Aushwitz
– Ride a hot air balloon
– Attend a Kid Cudi concert
– Backpack across Europe and Asia
– Go to the airport and buy tickets for random flights
– Watch the sunset from inside the Eiffel tower
– Go to Holi festival in India
– Live in France or New York
– Learn how to swim
– Go on a road trip with friends
– Decorate a stop sign
– Leave my mark on the world
– Get a tattoo
– Go to the Moon or Mars
– Time travel
– See the Northern Lights
– Find love
– Travel. Surf. Skate. Be happy.
– Find bliss and stay awhile


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