I dont get why I decided to put myself in this uncompromising position. I dont know where I stand. I dont have a place when it comes to you or do I? The sign says “We are already fully booked, please come back again.” I should’ve held a sign that says ” Please do not leave your valuables unattended.” I like her, your girlfriend. I hate that I hate her because she is your girlfriend. Im not making any sense. You do these simple things that no one has ever done to me before. Either they get tired of me or they run. You stayed. For now. Countless times, you gave me the reason to run but for some strange reason I chose to linger. I get so caught up with everything. Im caught up with everything and you dont even know. Well. Fuck.



Blurred Lines

Endless adventures. Getting lost. Wander. Drift-away. Vagabond.
These past few weeks my urge to run away has been satiated.
I adore this formidable and delirious feeling as I wander the streets.
Go to unusual places. Meeting new people. I feel the satisfaction.
The day ends.
I lock myself in my room.
Lay in my bed feeling blue.
My mind begins to wonder.
Maybe.. just maybe.. the reason why I feel the need to move aimlessly
is because deep inside Im lost? and I need someone to find me.