Contentment. That’s what I need. I never really know where to go..
or what to want.. Never knew what I needed.
It’s like I want this thing to materialize but when its actually happening…
I run. Bolt. Charge. Fly. Im really flipping out right now.
I cant use that as an excuse. There is no warrant.
I want to be more but at the same time less.
not ready. I am not ready.
I dont want to hurt him… or me?

A dream: A huge tsunami slammed against my body.


Blurred Lines

Endless adventures. Getting lost. Wander. Drift-away. Vagabond.
These past few weeks my urge to run away has been satiated.
I adore this formidable and delirious feeling as I wander the streets.
Go to unusual places. Meeting new people. I feel the satisfaction.
The day ends.
I lock myself in my room.
Lay in my bed feeling blue.
My mind begins to wonder.
Maybe.. just maybe.. the reason why I feel the need to move aimlessly
is because deep inside Im lost? and I need someone to find me.