I dream of you. I think about me. I ponder about life.

I am constantly stuck in this limbo. This uncertainty is slowly killing the life out of me.
Live the life that you’ve imagined. It is easy to say but so damn hard to do.
I have this vision. A dream that could reassure me that I am me.
That I am where I want me to be.
A reverie that I am yet to achieve.

It doesn’t mean that I dont want to. Right now I just cant but I am on my way.

How can I ever live in this world unscathed?


Consume me

As I look at this piece of art, I am suddenly subdued by my thoughts.
This feeling expired. Gone. Depleted.
Absence of the feeling.
Or not. An ember.

Does this picture consume me as much as you do?


1:15 am. Waiting. Read my horoscope today that someone
special would talk to me. “Perhaps rekindling an old flame.”
I instantly thought of you. I know you are there.
Just please. please. talk to me. I love talking to you
as if nothing has changed but I know everything has changed.
It did. We are just too afraid to admit to ourselves that
there is something in there. something special.


It’s all good. It’s cool. I don’t care.

Every time I see you, these unspoken chants seems to fail me.

The sight of you gives me this sporadic feeling that throws me off relentlessly; leaving me unwanted.

I tremble. I become this frail little girl again. waiting. waiting for someone to break her again and again.

In the sea of people, I’m always gonna be the girl who could easily catch a glimpse of you.

It’s always been you. The letter next to T. The word after I Love. It’s you.